Good Bad Film Night #11 Graveyard distubance


The best of bad films! shown on a projector in the barn

From 7pm until 10.30pm

Good Bad Film Night returns to The Pomfret Arms to show you the best bad films around. This month's film is the Itialian b-movie...

'Graveyard Disturbance' - 1989 (18 cert) Eng dub

'Five young robbers spend a whole night in a dark catacomb to win a priceless treasure. They will have to fight against lots of ferocious zombies and vampires. At the end they will meet the Death in person!'

Lamberto Bava, creator of 'Demons', brings you his "next chilling experience". This beautifully odd little gem is dubbed over in English from a partially Italian and English script. That's confusing part #1. I'll let you discover the rest. Not to be missed. Join the wonderful confusion that is, 'Graveyard Disturbance'.

7:30pm - Doors
7:45pm - Comedy Shorts
8:30pm - Graveyard Disturbance

Free entry
Donations welcome to help fund future events

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